Explanation of the Nar-Anon Program

  1. Nar-Anon is for your recovery. We learn to focus on ourselves, not on the  addict.

  2. Nar-Anon is a spiritual program, not a religious one. We accept the idea that there is a higher power that is bigger and wiser than us, that we can turn to for help.

  3. Nar-Anon welcomes and gives comfort to newcomers. Newcomers receive a special packet of materials and phone list at their first meeting.

  4. Nar-Anon knows that drug addiction is a disease (the American Medical    Association recognized drug addiction as a disease in 1955.) The disease is progressive and incurable. Nar-Anon helps relatives and friends of addicts whether or not the addict continues to use.

  5. Nar-Anon knows we are not responsible for the drug addiction. We did not cause it, we cannot control it, and we cannot cure it. If we do not learn how to cope with drug addiction, we will contribute to the disease.

  6. Nar-Anon members learn to detach from the addict but we continue to love them. We mind our own business.

  7. Nar-Anon does not give advice. We share our experience, strength, and hope. Our common bond is that we all know someone whose drug abuse bothers us. Sooner or later we each hear our own story and learn to laugh again. We know it will get better.

  8. Nar-Anon uses Al-Anonís One Day at a Time book. When we read it, we substitute drugs for alcohol, addict for alcoholic. We cannot change the past or predict the future. We learn to live ó Just for Today.

  9. The Nar-Anon program is based on its twelve steps and twelve traditions, its slogans, and the serenity prayer.

  10. Nar-Anon is a living program. We learn to change our attitudes. This cannot be done in a day or a week or a month. We keep coming back; we want to keep our own recoveries.

  11. Nar-Anon provides a path to serenity and peace of mind even if the drug situation does not change.

  12. Nar-Anon believes in sponsors. A sponsor is someone in a Nar-Anon group with whom a member identifies and develops rapport. We discuss personal problems with our sponsors between meetings.

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